1) How do I (bulk) delete contacts?

You can delete the contacts in a batch of 30 at a time under the “All Contacts” section of the contact module. The option to bulk deletes contact can only be done backend. Please reach out to the support team.

Note: Once a contact list is deleted from Freshmarketer, it cannot be retrieved in the future. Deleting a contact from one list will also remove the same contact from all other lists if that specific contact is part of multiple lists.

2) Can I delete or archive an empty List?

No, there isn’t an option to archive or delete an empty list however you can edit and rename the existing empty lists and use them in the future.

 3)Can we delete the contacts from a segment?

The contacts can only be deleted from a list and currently, we do not have an option to delete the contacts from a segment since segments are dynamic in nature.

4) Where can I see the imported list summary and error logs?

Please navigate to the “All contacts” module >List >  click on the “Import history” option at the top right corner of the page. Click on the ‘more” option to download the error logs, tweak and upload the list again

 5) Unable to upload a CSV file, throws an error.

Please remove the empty columns and rows from the excel sheet
Make sure the size of the file is less than 5MB
It is advisable to save the file in the CSV format.
Avoid using special characters as part of the title
Map the relevant column title to the default or custom fields of Freshmarketer.

6)What is the recommended “Date format” for list import activity?

Please use the format Date