1) Can I pause the Journey:

No, there isn’t an option to pause the journey, either you can “Edit” the journey and Republish it or Stop the journey completely.
Please note that once a journey is “Stopped” you only have an option to clone the stopped journey and start the new journey.

2) How to copy contacts from a segment into a List?

Please create a journey > use the trigger "Added to Segment"(Enable the toggle -only Include contacts already in the segment chosen) and connect it with an action block "Add to List"> either you can choose an existing list or “create a new list”. Hit on the “Start the journey” button. This will push all the contacts from the segment to a new list.

3) Can the emails in the “Email campaign” module be used under the Journey section?

I suggest that you please save the emails as a template by clicking the “save template” option within the email campaign and then use them under the journey email section.

4) How do I increase the email sending limit?

We have a few restrictions in place to curb the use of Freshmarketer for spamming and phishing purposes. We suggest that you verify your domain to increase your email sending limit which will also boost better deliverability.
Please find the documentation link on domain verification for your reference,
Do write back to support once you have verified your domain so that we can remove the email restriction set on your account.

5) Why no ‘Open” activities are registered but ‘Click’ activities captured under the contact timeline?

The email activities would have been done by the non-subscribers and it is more likely because of the below reasons the email open activities are not registered however the click is captured directly.

a) Recipient Email Client Settings: Depending on the recipient’s email client, they could have disabled the image loading option. Since the open tracking pixel depends on image loading for the data to be collected, the email services provider does not record an open. They still can click links within the message resulting in the report having a higher click rate than open rate.

b) Spam filter Scanners: Email clients scans for the malicious content in the email before it could land the email to the recipients

c)Recipient Shared Message on Social Media or forwarded to friend: Recipients share links from the message or even share the whole message content to friends or team members and those links are clicked.