Journey Metrics:

From the Journey reports, certain default report widgets will be shown.



Journey Overview

The total number of contacts entered and exited the journey. 

Journey Trend

The number of contacts entered & existed that happened over a period of time

Email Overview

The total numbers of sent, delivered, clicked, opened and unsubscribed emails with respect to the number of subscribers.

Email Trend

The number of email events happened over a period of time.

Email opens by time

What day and time your emails are getting opened the most by your contacts

Individual Email performance

How each email campaign in the journey has performed compared to others with respect to bounce rate, delivered, open and sent.

Email opens by location

Email opened data based on the location. The color density increases with a higher number of opens.

Email opens by Top subscribers

List of contacts which has opened the emails sent.

Top email links clicked

The links which have the most number of clicks within the email.

Each widget can be clicked and viewed in detail with diagrammatic representation and tabular data by clicking on the “Show Tabular Data”.

Configure option inside widgets:

Users can change the configuration and view the graph based on the email events you want. Users can apply filters and view custom reports of their own. But the filter being changed doesn’t alter the original widget, the filtered view is applicable only for this screen.
For example, if you want to filter the report with event date “for the past 30 days” and event type “delivered”, here is how you should change the configuration and view the data. 

Applying the above filter, the report would like below.

You can also export the Graph data and Tabular data as a CSV file as well.

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