• Want to publish a marketing workflow to target a group of audience in a certain geographic area at a specific date and time?

Let us consider an example where a marketer’s business is targeted worldwide and most of the clients are from the USA, also he needs to have the journey published after Christmas as clients are usually on a vacation. In this case, it is ideal for the journey to be published on a Monday morning after the festive season is done, to improve on the open rates of the campaign emails.

Freshmarketer allows you to schedule the date and time, plus, allowing you to choose the timezone to publish the customer journey according to your convenience.

Once you are done configuring your journey, select the drop-down option on the 'Start Journey' button > Select ‘Schedule Journey’.

You can schedule your workflow to be published considering any option provided below.

> According to your convenient time.

> According to your convenient date.

> According to a specific timezone.

From the image below, Freshmarketer provides an option to choose the date, time and also provide specific timezone.

If the journey configuration is right and validation is done, it displays ‘stop schedule’ button as it is already confirmed that the journey is scheduled to be published at a specific date and time.

To verify, please go to your ‘Journeys’ dashboard and check the status of the journey created.

The status would show the date and time the journey is scheduled to be published.