This is an advanced feature which is recommended for users familiar with custom coding. You can upload your own HTML, CSS and image files to be used as a template for your email.

This will help in reducing your design time when you already have a template designed on your own. You can just ZIP the file with the help of below guidelines and upload it in Freshmarketer for your email campaign.

As per the email regulatory guidelines, the option to unsubscribe and the company details need to be included on every email you send. We provide an option to include it on your custom code. Include the below subscriber properties inside a href attribute of the element.

Subscriber contact properties:

  • {{subscriber::unsubscribe_current}} - unsubscribe from the current list

  • {{subscriber::unsubscribe_all}} - unsubscribe from all the lists.

Company contact properties:

  • {{company::name}}

  • {{company::address}}

  • {{company::city}}

  • {{company::state}}

  • {{company::country}}

Similarly, other contact properties can also be included in the custom code. For example, if the property {{contact::first_name}} is included inside the elements, the first name of the contact will be filled on the placeholder while sending the email. 

You need not memorize the contact properties. Once you upload the ZIP file and click next, you will be taken to the Review page. You can switch back to the Design mode to make changes and include all the contact properties using the Merge tags option.


Note: The unsubscribe links and company details will be included by default by Freshmarketer if not included manually in the code. If the details are partially included, a warning will be shown on the Review tab to include them.

Uploading the file:

To upload your file, navigate to styles inside your campaign. You will have options to choose from the default Themes, Layouts and Upload your own HTML. Click on the browse files to choose and upload the ZIP file. A separate HTML file can also be uploaded without zipping in case you don’t have any images.

Guidelines to follow when you upload your template:

  1. A ZIP file needs to be created having your HTML file on the root directory and all the images as subfolders in it. 

  2. The maximum size of the ZIP file is 1 MB. It is advisable to have the file name with letters, numbers, and hyphen alone. 

  3. A ZIP file should be containing a single HTML file.

  4. The HTML files’ character encoding should be UTF-8.

  5. Image formats should be JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF.

  6. All CSS files should be placed inside a separate CSS folder wherein the external CSS files would be referenced inside your HTML file.

  7. Images should be placed inside a separate folder.

  8. The HTML file should not reference any Javascript file or have any Javascript functions in it. If any, they will be removed automatically.

  9. Ensure to run the HTML through a validator before uploading, to make sure there aren’t any syntax errors on the file.

  10. The folders names should match the names you have referenced in your code. The upload is case sensitive.

Sample folder before Zipping:


Once you upload your file, you can proceed to review the same. Click on Next for reviewing your template.

While reviewing, you can click on the previous Design tab and make necessary changes to your template.

Please check this help document to know more about the editor.

Note: When you edit an uploaded HTML template using the template builder, your changes may affect the existing draft campaigns which use the same uploaded template.