The campaign editor is used to design and personalize the content of your email. It has three sections.

  1. Content

  2. Rows

  3. Settings

To edit the existing theme content, click on any element to get a contextual toolbar with the element’s properties shown at the right side for making the changes. 

Block options:

The block options below the content properties will be available by default for all the included components. Using this, you can include the space or padding around the element’s content.

1) Content

In the content section, we provide the following drag and drop components for your template. Let's go through the usage of every components.

  • Text

  • Image

  • Button

  • Divider

  • Social

  • HTML

  • Video

Text: Drag and drop a text block to include a text area in your email. A toolbar will be shown to make all the text related modifications.

Merge tags: Using this option in the toolbar, you can include any attributes or placeholders into the email to make the email more personalized to the user. The placeholders will be filled in dynamically by the contact property values during email delivery. For example, by selecting the First Name, the first name of the user will be included on the email while sending.

Image: An image can be included within the email. The file can be uploaded from your system or imported from any URLs.

The below actions can be done after you upload your image.

  • Width and alignment of the uploaded image can be modified

  • A dynamic image can be used by giving the URL in the properties field, provided the size of the image should be equal to the sample image size

  • Special effects and alternate text can be provided for the image

  • Certain actions can be tagged along with the email. For example, opening a webpage, make a call, send SMS and send email


Button: A new button can be included and the action for the button and the styles can be customized in the content properties.


Divider: A divider can be included in between any two elements. The width and line properties of the divider can be customized.

Social: A new social block can be included providing the option for icon styling, inclusion of more icons and tag them with relevant links.

HTML: A new HTML block can be inserted providing an option to manually include the HTML code which we want to show on the email. You can upload your own HTML also under the Style tab.

Video: By inserting a video component, a video can be embedded into the email. The URL of the video needs to be added. We can also hide the video for mobile alone using the below toggle.


The rows provide a general template upon which the content elements could be inserted. You can drag and drop any template on your email.


Once you drag and drop a Row component, the template would look like below where you can insert a content.


Settings provide an option to customize the background color, content background color, link color and the default font family options for the email.