Why do you need Freshsales integration?

Integrating Freshmarketer with Freshsales will help in gaining a better understanding of each customer relationship and would improve customer engagement. It would also help in improving the collaboration between sales and marketing teams in an organization.

Steps to integrate Freshsales with Freshmarketer:

Step 1: Connect

On your Freshsales account: Your Freshsales account will have a unique API key for the integration. Login to your Freshsales account. Go to settings => API settings. Copy the API key. 

On your Freshmarketer account: Navigate to your Freshmarketer account dashboard. Click on settings from the sidebar. Go to Freshsales under the integrations. Provide your Freshsales domain name and paste the copied API key inside Freshmarketer. 

Step 2: Settings

Upon next, you will have the options to configure your sync behaviour between the Freshmarketer and Freshsales CRM contacts/leads.

Note: Please choose the correct list to which the contacts from Freshsales needs to be synced in Freshmarketer. Once the sync has been started, the contacts transferred to Freshmarketer will not be added again if any changes have been done to the "Freshmarketer list to be synced". 

Freshsales entities to be synced: The entities on Freshsales that needs to be synced with Freshmarketer. 

  • Leads
  • Contacts
  • Both Leads and Contacts

Freshmarketer List: Choose the contact list within Freshmarketer that needs to be synced with Freshsales. All the lists inside Freshmarketer will be populated in the searchable drop-down. There is also an option to sync all the contacts in Freshmarketer to keep entire marketing and CRM data in sync.

Sync frequency: The sync frequency is always realtime. Although you can pause/resume the sync.

Direction of Sync:

  • 1 way - Push contacts from Freshmarketer to Freshsales - All the contacts from the chosen Freshmarketer list will be pushed to Freshsales based on the entities(contacts/leads). After the initial sync, if the chosen entity is lead, any new contact added to the Freshmarketer list will be created as a new lead in Freshsales provided the below toggle is enabled.


  • 1 way - Push contacts from Freshsales to Freshmarketer - All the leads/contacts from Freshsales will be pushed to Freshmarketer during the initial sync. Any new lead/contact added in Freshsales post the initial sync will get created as a contact in Freshmarketer.

  • 2 way - Sync between Freshmarketer and Freshsales - The integration makes sure the list chosen in Freshmarketer is always in sync with the contacts/leads chosen on Freshsales and vice-versa.

Conflict behaviour: Using this option you can predefine the result on which one should take precedence if a conflict occurs for contact fields during the sync between Freshmarketer and Freshsales.

  • Freshsales updates Freshmarketer - During all the three syncs, if a conflict occurs, Freshsales data takes precedence and overwrites Freshmarketer data.

  • Freshmarketer updates Freshsales - During all the three syncs, if a conflict occurs, Freshmarketer data takes precedence and overwrites Freshsales data.

  • Recently updated takes priority - During all the three syncs, if a conflict occurs, the recently updated record will take the precedence. If Freshmarketer contact is updated recently before the sync, Freshmarketer takes advantage and vice-versa.

Advanced settings: This handles the Freshsales deleted and email opted out leads/contacts post the sync.


  • Exclude Freshmarketer email opt-outs: By enabling, the contacts in Freshmarketer who have subscribed to the list will only be synced. This option is enabled by default.
  • Remove opted-out Freshsales leads/contacts: By enabling, only email opted-in Freshsales Leads/Contacts will be synced with Freshmarketer. Post-sync, if any one of the synced contacts opts out of the emails in Freshsales, choose the option to remove either in Freshmarketer completely or from the synced list.
  • Remove deleted Freshsales leads/contacts: Leads/Contacts which are already synced but if any one of them is deleted in Freshsales, choose the option to remove either in Freshmarketer completely or from the synced list.

Step 3: Field Mapping

Field mapping allows you to map the contact fields that you want to be in sync between Freshmarketer and Freshsales. All contact fields available on the chosen Freshmarketer list will be shown on the left-hand side. The right-hand side will have a drop down which allows you to map the Freshsales contact fields.

Few default fields will be mapped automatically including email address. The others will be left blank providing you the option to choose the Freshsales contact fields from the dropdown. You can even exclude the fields which you don’t want to sync by leaving it blank.

In Freshmarketer, apart from the default contact fields, you would have created a few custom contact fields. Those fields which you have on the list will be listed below providing you the option to map from Freshsales.

While mapping the fields, if you would like to add more fields in Freshmarketer, you can save the current action and resume after adding them. Click on save to continue later or click start sync to initiate the integration once all the configurations are validated.

Note: Please check this document to know how to create custom contact fields in Freshmarketer.


Logs provide the real-time status of the sync in a tabular format. Once the sync is complete, the details of all the entities created, updated and skipped on the process will appear here. In the case of 2-way sync, logs corresponding to each direction will be displayed in detail.

Pause and Disconnect Sync:

You can pause an active(ongoing) sync to make changes to settings or field mappings. Till the sync is resumed, sync will be halted and no data to be created or updated between either of the systems.

If you want the sync to happen for another Freshsales account, you can disconnect the current sync and sync with another account with new domain name and API key. 


Note: Once you disconnect the current sync, all the settings & logs for the previous sync will be lost. 

What happens when a customer marks themself as DND?

When a contact has opted for DND in Freshsales or unsubscribed from Freshmarketer, they will be automatically synced and no further emails will be sent. Marketers will not have an option to override this. Here's how this works:

  • 2-way sync between Freshmarketer and Freshsales: Any changes in the DND or Unsubscribed will be synced automatically. If the contact is marked as DND true in Freshsales, during the next sync they will be marked as Unsubscribed in Freshmarketer. Also, if a contact unsubscribes, they will be marked as DND in Freshsales during the next sync and all outgoing emails to them will be terminated.

  • 1-way sync- Freshsales updates Freshmarketer: Any changes in the DND will be automatically synced in Freshmarketer. But changes in unsubscription status in Freshmarketer will not be synced with Freshsales.

  • 1-way sync - Freshmarketer updates Freshsales: Any changes in the unsubscription status will be automatically synced with DND in Freshsales. But changes in DND in Freshsales status will not be synced with Freshmarketer.