The Display Conditions feature in the Freshmarketer journey email allows you to create conditional statements in your email designs. 

You can hide or show a particular row on your email template by adding 
liquid code syntax.

These conditions enable you to show different content for contacts based on specific criteria, such as whether the recipient is a current user of a certain product, based on the recipient’s location, etc.

This article will walk you through enabling and using Display Conditions in your CRM account.

Creating Display Conditions

Step 1: On a journey email content, click on a row.

Step 2: On the sidebar, click on the content tab and scroll down to see the Display Conditions feature.

Step 3: Click on the 'Manage condition' button to create a new display condition for a row.

Step 4: In the modal that opens, provide a name for the condition. Enter the display condition syntax in the text boxes provided—  ‘Conditional code before the row’ and ‘Conditional code before the row’. You are required to type the syntax in the liquid language.

For example, the liquid code that displays the row of the selected campaign when the contact’s location is “United States” is as follows:

Step 5: Click on the Add button to add the display condition to the template row.

Step 6: To edit the added display condition logic, click on the “Manage condition” button.

Step 7: To delete the condition, click on the X icon next to the Display condition.

You can also type the liquid code syntax directly on the row by adding the row content between the two rows with text blocks that have the conditional code logic.

1. Add a Row > Drag and drop a text block > Type the begin conditional logic inside this row.

2. Add the row content that you want to display.

3. Add a Row > Drag and drop a text block > Type the ending conditional syntax inside this row.

Previewing the added Display Conditions:

Click on the Preview button and use the “Select row display conditions” dropdown menu to toggle individual conditions on or off. This helps you visualize how the design changes based on different conditions.

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