1) Why multiple clicks/open activities registered under the contact’s timeline? 

Some aggressive spam filters click links in emails to check for malicious activity before they deliver the emails to the recipients. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to see if a link has been clicked by a spam filter or your intended recipient, the clicks can only be differentiated by the timestamp and if they all seem to be having multiple click activities recorded at the same time without any expected gap or delay it is most likely to be a spam filter.

2) Emails landing in the Promotional tab, why?

When you send out an email campaign, Google scans the incoming mails, based on email content received, it then assigns the email to the Primary Inbox, to the Social/ Promotions, or another custom tab.

The intention is to ensure that the Primary Inbox remains uncluttered, making it easier for users to find relevant and important emails. Any email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc; basically, study the behavior of the recipients or contacts, and based on their preference the email is landed in the different tabs.

Sometimes, when email marketing software or a marketing automation platform sends emails, these messages contain identifiable information that betrays their usually generic nature and sends them to the Gmail "Promotions Tab".
This is a universally faced issue since we do not have control over the recipient’s inbox setup.

There is no direct method to fix this however, I suggest that you follow the steps listed below to minimize the emails landing in a promotional tab,

=>Avoid using lots of images in your email

=>Do not use more than one or two links in your email

=>Avoid lots of fancy HTML code in your email

=>Do not add multiple Links to your social media profiles in your signature.

 3)Why does the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the “Test”(sample) email not work?

Test emails are sent to check if your email texts, images, and links are rightly placed and to see how a campaign will appear in your inbox, unsubscribe link will not work in test emails however in original email campaigns unsubscribe links will work as expected.

4) Can a sent email campaign be undone?

Once an email campaign is sent, it cannot be undone so it’s advisable to double-check before you hit on the “Send Now” button.

5) Test email limit send exceeded- Need help?

Please drop a note to the support team to increase the Test email limit. Meantime you can add your internal team member’s email address to a list and send out the campaign while the support team processes your request.

6) How to avoid digits getting appended to the “Number” field type when used as a merge tag in campaigns?

Generally, when you create a custom field with a ‘number’ field type and use it as a merge tag, it will automatically append the decimal digits to the existing field value.

For Example: If you have a custom field called “Ticket ID” and Ticket ID value - 12345

Use the Custom merge tag - {{custom::ticket_id=0000!0}}.The email will look like 12345.
The ! 0 explains that any digit after the exact value will not be appended since we have given the default value with ! 0 format.

7) Is there a CC or BCC list option under the email campaign module?

Freshmarketer does not support the addition of cc or bcc to the campaigns.

8) Is the unsubscribe link mandatory in an email campaign?

Yes, we have a "Manage subscription “option under the "Special Links “section of email campaigns. According to the CAN-SPAM Act, every bulk campaign/journey email needs to have a manage subscription/unsubscribe option

9) Unable to upload HTML file

While importing an HTML file please ensure that the .HTML file/text and Images are in different subfolders while compressing. Also please try to uncheck the CSS option.

10) Recommended size of image for email campaigns:

The most recommended image sizes are 600x300px (or) 600x400px. But it depends on the type of email you send and how you design your template.

11)Can we delete the subscription type?

Currently, we only have an option to rename the subscription type, there is no option to delete them, hence it is advisable to check twice before creating a new subscription type under the account.

12)How to add the .ICS file to the email campaign.

There is no direct method to add the .ics file to the email campaign however as a workaround we can insert the image and add file or links to it

Step 1: Insert an image

Step 2: Link a file to the image

Step 3: Send an email campaign

When the end customer receives the campaign, they will click on the image to either download the file if it is a CSV/Excel file or they will be redirected to the gallery page of Freshmarketer where the file is hosted (in the case of PDF file).

12)What is Email sampling?

The marketing module basically does email sampling if the email campaign is targeted at a huge number of contacts. The sampling will take place during the first 15-20 mins and it would send the email to random contacts in the target list to check if any high bounce activity is recorded. This means that a portion of your recipients receive your content before the email is distributed to all of the contacts on that list. This is done to safeguard your domain. If a list contains too many invalid email addresses, or too many emails are bounced/rejected, your sending reputation can be damaged. A low sending reputation impacts the deliverability of your future mailings hence a sampling is done to avoid any hiccups in the future.

If the bounced rate is high then your emails will not be sent to the rest of the contacts yet.

13) Why does the email campaign’s name gets appended to the subject line of the campaign while sending the test email?

In the case of multiple Targets, we append the corresponding email template's name to the Test Email Subject for reference purposes however original email campaign will work as expected.