You can now set certain preferences within your Freshmarketer account that will be applied globally. These preferences will determine the communication relationship between the Admin and the contacts uploaded within the Freshmarketer’s database.


Subscription types represent the lawful basis to communicate with your contacts through email.

How to manage subscription email types:

  1. Login to your Freshmarketer dashboard and find the ‘settings’ icon from the left pane of the dashboard.

  2. Find the ‘subscription type’ option listed below ‘Email Campaign settings’.

  3. Once opened, you will find the default types of emails and a description of the email types which would be enabled by default for all your contacts.

  4. Using the vertical ellipsis icon you can edit the existing default email types according to your requirement.

  5. You have the ability to add types of emails according to your business and also give a small description for your reference.

Note: All the default email types would be received by the contacts which are present in your Freshmarketer account as they are mapped as ‘subscribed’ by default.

Selecting subscription type email for Email campaigns and customer journeys:

Email campaigns-

  • In your Freshmarketer dashboard, from the left task pane > Bulk campaigns > Create Email Campaign or clone an existing email campaign.

  • Under the ‘Configure’ tab, you will find the option to select a specific email type for your campaign.


Customer journeys-

  • In your Freshmarketer dashboard, from the left task pane > Journey emails > you will land on the ‘configuration’ tab to select the subscription email type.

  • Also, while configuring a customer journey. Once you add the ‘email campaign’ block you can choose to create a new campaign or clone, edit an existing campaign, you will be directed to the ‘configuration’ tab which would prompt you to specify the email type.

Note: When configuring an email campaign or a journey email, under the ‘review’ tab you will find the mandatory check if a subscription email type is selected or not.



How does selecting a subscription email type help?

While you may want to send out promotional frequently, email marketing involves much more strategy than that. It’s about building relationships with your customers.

As you give recipients the power to choose the email preference, there are multiple instances where contacts would only like to subscribe to certain email types.

The benefit of allowing your customers to choose the content type they want to receive is that it helps with segmentation.

So, if you choose a particular email type while configuring an email campaign, only the contacts subscribed to the particular email type will receive an email which helps 

In delivering customized campaigns that are sure to elicit a better response.