Now, sign-up for Freshmarketer using Gmail account in just a single click with the help of Freshmarketer Optimize app available in G Suite Marketplace. You can also save your experiment reports to Google Drive directly and manage all your experiment reports from your Google Drive.

This article will guide you on how to use Freshmarketer Optimize app to sign-up for Freshmarketer instantly using Google account and save reports directly to your Google Drive.

STEP 1: Locate Freshmarketer Optimize app

Search and install the Freshmarketer Optimize app from the G Suite Marketplace and click launch button in the top right corner.

Freshmarketer Optimize: G Suite Marketplace

STEP 2: Use Google account to sign-up

Now, you will be redirected to a page with single or multiple Gmail accounts where you should select a Google account with which you want to sign up for Freshmarketer. You can also use other Google accounts or new Google account to sign-up which are not listed or logged in already.

Choose your Google account

STEP 3: Grant permissions in Google Permissions page

Now, the Google Permissions page will open where you will be asked to allow Freshmarketer Optimize app to view and manage your files in Google Drive account. Click Allow button to accept and grant the required permissions.

Google permission page

STEP 4: Create experiments from Freshmarketer dashboard

Finally, you will be redirected to the Freshmarketer dashboard where you will have access to all the features of Freshmarketer. You can now start creating experiments and optimize your site.

Freshmarketer Dashboard

“Save to GDrive” option

Once you create experiments and data are collected, you can export the experiment report directly to your Google Drive with the help of Save to GDrive option.

Now, Under Reports tab in Report Options drop-down list, you can find Save to GDrive option for all the features except Heatmaps and Session Replay.

Save to GDrive - Reports

Once you click the Save to GDrive option, a message will flash on the top of the page and the report with latest data will be sent to your Google Drive account.

In your Google Drive account, a separate folder named Freshmarketer will be created inside which a subfolder for various features will be created (Example: Polls).

Saved reports in GDrive

All the reports will be saved in the respective subfolders and you can view or download those reports from the drive.

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