Now that you have created polls with Freshmarketer, responses will be collected instantly as and when your visitors answer the poll. Read this guide to create polls in Freshmarketer.

Freshmarketer’s response page is designed with user-friendly features that help you to manage poll’s responses at ease. This guide will help you to track and manage your respondent’s responses in a better way.

Polls: Responses Tab

1.Date range- View reports for the specified date or date range.

2.Search responses- Type any keyword and fetch responses that are matching with the provided keyword.

3.Show/hide columns- Check and uncheck the column names to show and hide the columns respectively. A search option is provided for you to search the column of your choice.

4.View results of a particular page- Use the arrows to navigate to a different page to view the results. Each page displays a maximum of 25 responses.

5.Columns displayed- Poll response page appears in the following layout: User info, question 1, question 2 and so on.

The user info column appears with the country flag from where the response has been received. Hover on the flag and it displays the following details:

  • Country- Displays respondent’s country.
  • Browser- Displays respondent’s browser.
  • OS- Displays respondent’s operating system.
  • Device- Displays respondent’s device. This column helps you to filter data specific to devices such as desktop, mobile, and tablet.
  • Date- Displays the date and time at which the response was submitted.

6.Scroll response- Use our sliding scrollbar to view responses in either direction.

7.Version type responses- View responses for edited questions. Version-wise responses can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down menu across each poll question.

Read this article to understand Freshmarketer’s poll reports.

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