To playback recorded sessions, you need a Session Replay player. Freshmarketer provides you an advanced player with many features for the best experience. This guide will help you know in depth about the player and its controls.


Freshmarketer’s Session Replay player is launched when you click on any of the sessions in Session tab. If a session has been viewed already, then the session name appears with a violet colored font while the new and unviewed sessions appear with black colored fonts.



Session Replay: Sessions Page

The Session Replay player has two segments:

  • Activity Area

  • Toolbar

Session Replay player

Session Replay Activity Area:   

Here you can watch the recorded session video of your visitors. It has an area in which the session videos run and to it’s above, you can find the session replay Toolbar where you can see timeline of the session and other controls of the player.

Session Replay ToolBar:

In the top left side you can find the session name with auto created name & below the session name you can find the web address(URL) corresponding to the session video currently running, along with the total running time of that session.

Timeline in the player displays the total running time of that particular session. In the timeline, the color markers represent the following activities of the visitor in your site.

  • White - Denotes that the user/visitor has scrolled through the page or clicked something on the page at that timeframe
  • Blue - Denotes that the user/visitor idle time on the page

Session Replay player: Timeline and controls

Below are the set of player controls,

  • Play/Pause button - Used to start and to pause the running session. You can also click on the player screen to start or to pause the session.
  • Next/Previous - You can play next and previous sessions without having to go back to list view
  • Speed control - Used to control the speed of the running session. By default, the speed is 0.5x. You can select the convenient speed from the list of options - 1x, 2x, 4x or 8x.

  • Settings - Under this option, you have three important session video controls in the form of Enable/Disable toggle button. 

They are 

  • Mute Click Sounds  => You can mute Mouse click sounds by enabling this option
  • Player Light Theme => By default, Player will be set to Dark theme, You can enable Light theme using this option.

Session Details:

Here, you can find all the details about the session video currently played in the Session Replay player.

Session Replay: Session details

  • Country - Shows the country name in which that particular session video has been recorded.

  • Device - Displays the device that the user/visitor used to enter the webpage in which the session has been recorded.

  • OS - Displays the name of the OS from which the user/visitor activities has been recorded as a session.

  • Browser - Displays the browser name in which users/visitors activities in a web page has been recorded as a session.

  • Referer - Displays the URL if the user/visitor came from other referral site/medium/link.

  • Recorded on - Shows the date on which the session is recorded.

Session URLs:

If you are running session replay for your whole website, the sessions can be long especially if you are running an ecommerce websites. In this case if you would like to skip a session directly to specific URL(eg; checkout URL) this can be done via URL dropdown icon in Session Replay Toolbar(refer screenshot)

Session Replay: URL Drop-Down Icon

The list of all URLs accessed by the user/visitors will be displayed when you click URL drop down icon, By hovering over them you can see the complete URL,  If you click any URL from the list session will be skipped directly from that particular URL. This will be helpful when you would like to check user/visitors behaviour for that specific URL in the sessions. 

Adding Notes to a session:

Using session replay you can add Notes to a session. To add notes to a session, Open the session => select Notes icon => add your notes => Save

Adding Favorites : 

Freshmarketer Session Replay allows you to “Favourite” sessions and you can check Favorited sessions later. To Favourite session, Open the session => Click “Favourite” icon at the top left hand side of the session

Now, you can start watching the recorded sessions and analyze your site to learn visitors’ behavior and to improve conversions.

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