Parameters are an essential part of any URL request. Redirect with live query parameter helps you redirect to the variation page from split test experiment page along with the parameters present in the original request.

Why redirect with live query parameters?

Assume MyCart is an eCommerce website. MyCart has a signup page running split URL testing to different signup page variations. All these variations have different URLs. MyCart has multiple visitors from various sources. Each source is identified by a tracker parameter (Eg: UTM as in Google Tag Manager) in the signup page. Consider that this website offers 50% discount on products for signups from Facebook.

Running split URL experiment on the signup page redirects the user to the variation signup page as defined in the split URL experiment. By forwarding the original request to the variation, all parameters present in the original request is not copied to the forward request. Thus, resulting in MyCart not offering the discounts as promised, leaving visitors unhappy.

To avoid such mishaps, redirect with live query parameter is used. You can find this on the Split URL experiment setup page as highlighted below.


Split URL: URL Tab

You can revisit and edit the running experiment to remove redirecting with live query parameter.

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