In Freshmarketer, goals can now be imported from Google Analytics account directly for A/B testing and split URL testing.

This article will guide you on how to import goals from your Google Analytics account.

STEP 1: Create A/B testing (using Freshmarketer’s chrome extension) or Split URL test.

STEP 2: Click Choose goals from Google Analytics on the Goals tab.

STEP 3: Click Choose a Google account containing the goals that has to be imported.

STEP 4: Click Allow button to grant the permission(s) in the Google Permissions page.

STEP 5: Select a Google account to display the goal(s) associated with it. Click Next.

NOTE: To change the selected Google account and to proceed with next Google account, click Change Account.

STEP 6: Select the goal(s) to be imported. Click Add Goals to import those goals.

The goal(s) imported from the Google Analytics account are reflected in goals tab.

Thus, the goal(s) can be easily imported from the Google Analytics account for Freshmarketer’s A/B testing or Split URL test experiment.

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