Our heatmaps work by using overlays on top of web pages. Accessing the heatmaps option from either the app page or from the Chrome plugin will load the overlay on top of the page being tracked. Clicks on the page will be shown graphically in the form of globules. Hovering over the element will also show the numerical click data for the element.

The heatmap loads on top of your page. Your page and its elements will behave exactly as they do normally. But when elements change, globules and click data will change too.

Now you can find how your visitors have scrolled your page through our scrollmaps, built under the same toolbar.

Heatmap Toolbar

To switch between heatmap and scrollmap, click on the corresponding tab in the toolbar.

Various options in the toolbar include:

  • Records No of visitors - At the bottom left, you can find the total no of visitors. This also shows you how long your experiment has been running for.
  • Adjust brightness - Use the slider in the middle of the toolbar to adjust your report’s brightness.
  • Consolidated Reports - Enable consolidated reports option to view generated heatmaps for multiple pages of your site in one base URL. This report is generated only when your pages share a common template or website area.
  • Reload - To refresh and update the heatmap report.
  • URL Selector - Below the name of the experiment, there is a URL selector to switch between URLs or Variation(s) to view the respective reports.
  • Device type - Use the device icon to switch between device specific reports. You can choose to view clicks from desktops, mobiles, or tablets.
  • Date Range - To filter reports for a particular date range.
  • Hide Toolbar - Near the Freshmarketer logo in the bottom left, you can find an icon (<<) used to hide the toolbar. This helps you in viewing heatmap clicks even at the page bottom clearly.
  • Exit Toolbar - Below the Hide Toolbar icon (x) is the exit toolbar icon which can be used to close the Heatmap toolbar.
  • Move Toolbar - You can now move the Heatmap toolbar anywhere within the page by clicking and dragging the Freshmarketer logo present at the bottom left.

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