The Landing Page builder allows users to design customized landing pages from an existing set of templates. However, users can also customize these templates to suit their tastes or create their own with elements provided by your web application. 

Every landing page follows this hierarchy:

Section > Row > Column > Elements

This article talks about how to configure a Row in the Landing Page. To learn about the other structural attributes of the Landing Page, refer to the respective articlesSectionColumn, and Elements.

Configuring a Row

Row is an individual element inside every section. You can configure the row using Row settings. Here’s how you can configure the row:

  • Background Color

  • Spacing

  • Visibility: Configure visibility of a given section. Choose between visibility in ‘desktop only’, ‘mobile only’, or ‘both desktop & mobile’

  • Advanced: 

  • Hide Gutters: Gutters are the padding between columns. They can be used to add space responsively and set alignment for the content. By hiding gutters, you can remove the spacing between columns and make the row more compact.

  • Border Radius: Use the slider to increase or decrease corner radius