How to Integrate Freshmarketer’s Session Reply with Freshdesk

Freshmarketer Session Replay can be integrated with Freshdesk

For Freshdesk users:

If you are new to Freshmarketer then login to your Freshdesk support portal ( and navigate to settings => enter the email address => click Create account


Once you click “Create account” Freshmarketer account will be created for the given email address and Freshmarketer JS snippet will be generated for your account(refer screenshot)


Now copy the Freshmarketer JS snippet and insert into your support portal to start capturing session replays for your Freshdesk account.

For Freshmarketer Users:

If you are already using Freshmarketer account please follow the below step by step guide to know How to Integrate Freshmarketer Session Replay with Freshdesk

Log in to navigate to Account => Setup => Integrations


In the Integrations tab => Enable Freshdesk integration


In the Pop-up => Select “Generate API Key” and copy the “API” code and then click “Take me to Freshdesk” 




Once you click “Take me to Freshdesk”, you will be switched to Freshdesk settings where you can insert Freshmarketer API code(refer screenshot)

Once you select Integrate session replay experiment will be created automatically for your support portal and you can start viewing your session replays to find what problems your customers were facing.