Freshmarketer Session Replay can be integrated with Freshchat

Please follow the below step by step guide to know How to Integrate Freshmarketer Session Replay with FreshChat

Step 1: 

Insert our Freshmarketer JS Snippet in your website, You can find Freshmarketer JS snippet by navigating to Account => Setup => Freshmarketer JS Code => Copy Code

 Once it is copied you need to insert the copied code in your Website Head Tag

You can refer the below Helpdocs to know How to Insert Freshmarketer JS Snippet In your Website in more detail

Step 2:

Once Freshmarketer JS Snippet is inserted, now FreshChat JS Snippets needs to be inserted

There are Two JS Codes, The First Code need to be inserted in your Website Head Tag and the Second code needs to be inserted in your Website Body tag

You can find FreshChat JS Snippet in Settings => Web Messenger Option

Once Freshmarketer JS Code and FreshChat JS Codes are inserted, you website <Head> tag & <Body> tag, It will look like below screenshot

You can follow the below Helpdoc to know How to insert FreshChat JS Snippet in your website in more detail 

Step 3:

Now that, we have inserted both the JS codes, we need to enable the FreshChat integration in Freshmarketer. To do that, Log in to your Freshmarketer account and Navigate to Project settings =>Integrations => Enable FreshChat Integration 

Once It is enabled, Create an Session Replay experiment for the URL which you would like to track

You can Create an Session Replay Experiment by choosing Session Replay from the Left hand side tab and select  “New” at the top. Please follow the below steps to start recording: 

Now, you can watch recordings of every website visitor getting engaged with Freshchat on your website. 

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