At Freshmarketer, when it comes to security and privacy, we don’t compromise. Hence, we make sure that all the sensitive and private data is concealed. In short, you mark any data as sensitive, we keep those data secure so that it doesn't get recorded.

By default, we mask a data which is of utmost importance to users that they don’t want others to know about - Payment details such as Credit card number, CVV and Debit card number and password.


Freshmarketer cleverly tracks the credit card/debit card fields and masks those details while it is recorded in a session. Hence, the user can be assured that their payment details are secured and safe.

You can also manually restrict sensitive data from getting recorded with the help of a class. It can be helpful for two cases.

Input fields

You can tag a particular input field as ‘sensitive’ by just adding the zarget-sensitive class in the code.

Example :
<input type=“text” name=“mobilenumber” class=“zarget-sensitive” />

Once you add this class to the above-mentioned mobile number field in your site’s code, Freshmarketer interprets that the field stores sensitive data and replaces all the characters given in this field with ‘X’s.

Hence, the mobile number typed in that sensitive marked input field will be recorded as


You can also tag content/information in your website as ‘sensitive’ by simply adding the zarget-sensitive class to the element whose content and also the content of the child element you want us to refrain from recording.


  • HTML
<div class=“product_cost zarget-sensitive">

In the above-mentioned example, once you add the zarget-sensitive class to the parent level
<div> class, then all the content inside the child element <p> will also be considered sensitive and will be refrained from recording.

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