The guide below gives you the step-by-step procedure to create your funnel report with Freshmarketer.

STEP 1: Click on Create Funnel from the Funnel page

Creating Funnel

The funnel analysis page loads wherein you can create the necessary steps needed for your report. Give a funnel name and add hypothesis for your experiment.

STEP 2: Enter the pages to set up your funnel

Setup Funnel Experiment

Give a suitable step name and add the URL of the page to be included in your funnel analysis.



  • To change the URL match type, click on the drop-down menu. Learn more

  • To add another step, click 'Add another Step'

STEP 3: Build the funnel

Once the steps for the funnel is included, click Build Funnel button. A pop-up appears to verify code integration. If the code is already integrated, click ‘Go to Dashboard’.

Now the funnel report can be visualized as the data is collected. Else a page with the message ‘We are collecting data for the funnel’ appears showing the funnel steps.

Funnel Reports

For example, in the above screenshot, product details (STEP2) has the direct visitors count of 100. This count does not include the visitors who land in product details page from other pages in the funnel such as Home and Cart. It considers only the visitors who directly land on the product details page. Here, the Checkout page has 0 direct visitors because landing directly on a checkout page is unreasonable.

Integrate the code finally

Ensure that the Freshmarketer JS snippet is integrated to all the URLs of your funnel experiment.

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