1) Can I schedule a webhook?

Currently, we only have an option to schedule the journey or add a time delay before the webhook block. There is no direct option to schedule a webhook.

2) Where do I get my Freshsales API key?

Please navigate to the Your profile icon at the top right corner of freshsales account and select “settings”>> search for “API settings” and copy-paste it in the Webhook.

3) Can webhook be used to send SMS via Twilio

Currently, Freshworks CRM and Freshmarketer uses only JSON format, and hence as a workaround, we can use middleware like hookintegromat or any other custom webhook tool to map these details and push them via Twilio third-party tools which uses form/ URL encoded format.

4) Can I use a custom header and payload?

Yes, we have the option to use the custom header and payload option however please make sure that every key and value is configured rightly to avoid any errors.

5) Can I use multiple webhooks in a journey?

Yes, you can configure multiple webhooks blocks in a journey however please makes sure that you do not create a conflict by using the same webhook twice