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Social Media Campaigns

How to create and publish Social Media Campaigns
Social media marketing helps brands generate brand awareness, build relationships with their audience, and keep them engaged. In this article, we cover how ...
Wed, 20 Mar, 2024 at 2:40 PM
File sizes and types supported for Social Media Accounts
To create a social post on the CRM, images and videos should meet specific requirements, e.g., file size, resolution, etc., based on the platform you want t...
Fri, 29 Sep, 2023 at 12:38 AM
How to analyze Social Media Campaigns Metrics
To view the metrics of your individual social media campaigns, follow the below steps: Navigate to social media campaigns from the left pane and click on...
Fri, 21 Oct, 2022 at 10:23 AM
What is Facebook & Instagram Custom Audience? How to create audience lists in Freshmarketer?
What is Facebook & Instagram Custom Audience? A Custom Audience is an ad targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among people acros...
Thu, 21 Mar, 2024 at 3:40 PM