Social media marketing helps brands generate brand awareness, build relationships with their audience, and keep them engaged. In this article, we cover how you can create and publish Social Media Campaigns with the CRM.

  1. Click on Campaigns and Choose Social Media Campaigns. Once you connect your FB or Instagram account, you can create campaigns.
  2. Click on the Create Social Media Campaign button

  3. Provide the Campaign Name and click on Create

  4. Here you can view the different pages connected with your account. Select the pages where you want to post your content.

  5. You can also customize the posts for the different pages integrated with your account.

  6. Provide your post description

  7. Add the relevant media files(images/videos) to your post from the media gallery

  8. If the files are not already added, you can upload them to the media gallery from the previous page and continue to add them to your post

  9. You can preview your post in the right sidebar before publishing them

  10. You can schedule the posts to go live at a later time and at a different timezone based on your preferences, or you can publish the campaign to go live immediately.

  11. Your posts will then be published within ten minutes on your social media pages