As a Marketer, you may want to export a list of contacts into a CSV file at some point. Freshmarketer provides you an option to export a list of contacts in a very easy way. You can export up to 50000 contacts at a time. 

To export a Contacts list, log in to your freshmarketer account. Navigate to Contacts => Lists

Select the three-dot menu next to the List you would like to export 

Once you select export, you will get a pop-up window in which you can choose the custom fields you would like to Export. If you are having more number of custom fields, you can make use of the search option to easily select the field. 

All the fields you selected will be displayed on the right-hand side panel.

After selecting the fields, you can click on “Export”

After clicking export, you will get a “success” toast notification at the top right-hand side(refer screenshot) 

Note:  If you have selected an export option, and if you chose to export another list immediately you get a failure toast notification message(refer below screenshot) depending on the size of the list. In this case, we suggest you try the export again after a few minutes, preferably 30 mins. 

After success notification, you will receive an email with the following subject line and with a link to download the contacts list in CSV format.

Your contacts export “[your List name]” is ready

Eg: Your contacts export Registration form is ready

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