Freshmarketer allows to segment the results with the help of filters and helps to acquire deeper insights about a specific category of visitors. The results of an experiment can be segmented conveniently to see

  • how the segmented visitors drop off (Funnel analysis),
  • how the segmented visitors engage with the site (Polls and Feedback),
  • what variation is best suited (A/B testing and split URL)

Segmenting the results provides the essential insights on diverse groups of visitors and their behavior.

For instance, an experiment is run for an e-commerce site and to see the filtered narrowed down results based on visitors using Google Chrome browser in mobiles, segment the results by selecting Google chrome in browser and Phone in Device type.

Steps to create segments

By default, Freshmarketer displays the reports with all visitors’ data. This guide will help you on how to use Create Segment option to filter results depending on the requirement.

STEP 1: Locate Create Segment option

In the Report tab, click Segment: All Visitors drop-down button at the top left. A list showing recent and saved segmentation options are shown.

In the bottom of the list, click the Create Segment option.

STEP 2: Select from the list of Segment filters

Now, a pop-up opens with the list of segment filters, Select either one or multiple combinations of segment options. This is aided by two operators namely, AND and OR.

Segments Explainations
Operating System

Shows the segmented results of visitors based on the operating system they use.
Example: Windows, Mac.

Device Type

Filters the results based on the device visitors use.
Example: Phones, Laptop, Tablet.


Segments the results and displays the data of the visitors who came through specific browsers.
Example: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Day of Week

Segments the results with respect to the specific day(s) of the week and shows respective visitors’ data.
Example: Monday, Wednesday.


Shows the location-specific segmented visitors’ data.
Example: India, France.


Display the results by Segmenting the visitors’ data based on IPv4 address.

Click Apply once the filters are selected. Now the selected filters will be applied to the report and the segmented results will be shown.

To save the applied filters as a custom segment, click Save & Apply. A pop-up appears. Enter the Segment name, description and click Save button. The filters are saved and the reports are segmented accordingly.

The saved segments can also be edited and updated. The saved segments will then appear in the saved tab.

STEP 3: Segmented Results

Finally, in Reports tab, a report segmented by block is shown with the list of segment filters used followed by the graphs and other details in the reports. There’s an option to edit or remove the segment filters.

Freshmarketer’s segmentation option gives you the power to dwell deeper into understanding a specific class of visitors, to analyze them and to optimize your site accordingly.

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