Earlier, if a user had to track details of two different domains in a single experiment, it wasn’t possible. Freshmarketer, recently introduced a new functionality: Cross-domain, to track goals and details of two different domains in a single experiment.

What is cross domain?

Let us consider that you have an e-commerce site with a cart/checkout section. The website and the shopping cart are located on 2 different domains, say, www.example.com and www.examplecart.com. Here, if you want the user to browse the products from example.com and redirect to examplecart.com for checkout process, then, it can be achieved through cross-domain.

Cross-domain uses third-party cookies to track the web page. Cross-domain functionality is available for Funnel Analysis, Form Analytics, A/B Testing and Split Testing.

How to enable Cross-domain?

1.To enable the cross-domain functionality, goto Project Settings => Cross Domain => Enable.

2.Once enabled, an experiment can be created.

Creating a Funnel experiment across different domains

1.In the first step, enter the URL of the page on which the experiment should be created.

2.In the second step, enter the other URL. The domain of this URL can differ from the previous URL.

Creating Funnel Experiment

3. Build the funnel.

NOTE: If one visitor visits both the pages (i.e from Step 1 => Step 2), the visitor count will be considered as 1 only.

Creating a Split Test experiment across different domains

1.Enter the URL in the original and variation textbox.

2.Once done, move to the next step.

3.Cross-domain can be used in tracking goals too. For eg: If you have ‘track page visits’ goal and the URL points to a different domain or if you have ‘Track form submits’ goal and the action    URL points to a different domain.

4.Run the experiment.

Creating Split Experiment

Tracking Goals

Creating an AB Test experiment

1.Enter the URL of the page for which experiment should be created.

2.Once the experiment is created, make the necessary changes on the page and continue to goals.

3.Like split test goals, cross-domain can be used in tracking goals in AB test as well.

4.Run the experiment.

Creating AB Test Experiment

Tracking Goal

Form Submits:

1.Enter the URL of the page for which form analytics to be done.

2.Load the form.

3.In the Define Track Conversion section, enter the URL of the page where the user should be redirected to. This can be the different domain from the experiment URL.

4.Run the experiment.

Form Analytics

Points to remember:

1.For cross-domain functionality to work, enable cross domain from Project settings => Cross-domain.

2.Make sure to install the JS code in the domains and subdomains(if two subdomains are pointed to two different servers) that are used in the experiments.

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