IP filtering is used to exclude IPs from your experiments. This option applies at the project level and hence be careful before making exclusions.

Why need an IP Filtering? It’s important that you exclude your internal website traffic to prevent your data from skewing up. The most used case of IP filtering is excluding your own company’s IP from the experiments you create.

Example: If you have experiments running on a certain marketing page, your marketing team might be accessing the page. If you do not exclude your company’s IP, then your team’s clicks might be recorded as hits in your report.

Exclude an IP from your project

Excluding IPs is quite simple in Freshmarketer web app


Log in to https://app.freshmarketer.com Click on your profile name on the top right-hand side and select Project settings

IP Filtering

Now Choose "IP Filtering" in Project settings. The option - Include my Current IP address automatically detects your current IP and excludes it. You can also add individual IPs by adding them in the text box.

IP Filtering Setup

Excluding an IP Range in your project

If you want to exclude an IP range, you can use regular expressions. To generate regular expressions you can make use of this really simple tool. Insert the regular expression and click on 

Add to add the IP range to the exclusion list.

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