It’s important to exclude your own website traffic to get an accurate insight from your analysis. If failed to exclude your own traffic, any clicks from your internal network will be counted in your analysis.

Why should you exclude internal traffic from your analytics report?

Imagine your company’s analysis or survey included data or responses from your company’s employees, rather than real-time user data. Then, your analytics report will be untrustworthy.

IP Filtering helps you exclude your own organization’s traffic from skewing the analysis.

Reasons to use IP filtering:

  • Imagine your company’s website has been redesigned or added few changes. Then your developer or marketing team might check those website areas to make sure that it works properly.
  • Internal traffic doesn’t give you new insights. Your team already knows where your site’s shopping cart is placed, where do the links take you. New visitors to your website will give you more insights on what stops them up from proceeding further in your site.
  • Internal traffic might have the same traffic source. Typical visitors of your website might have many traffic sources.

Now, Freshmarketer makes it easy for you to exclude your internal traffic through IP filtering.

IP Filtering

There are two types of IP address:
  • Static IP address - Single IP address for an organization that remains same.
  • Dynamic IP address - A range of IP address that changes every time the internet is accessed.

Data that are filtered through IP filtering

The following are the data that can be filtered by excluding internal traffic

  • Page views / no of visits
  • No of clicks on CTA / buttons
  • Successful form submissions

To know more about setting up IP filtering, walk through this guide.

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