Bring your agents from around the world into a convenient platform that lets them use it in their own language and timezone.

This function allows you to use translated versions of our platform in 11 different languages

Here is the list of languages supported:

Chinese (汉语)

Dutch (Nederlands)


French (le français)

German (Deutsch)

Japanese (日本語)

Korean (한국어/韓國語)

Portuguese (português)

Russian (русский язык)

Mexican (español)

Spanish (español)

We are planning to add more languages in the near future on a request basis.

Enabling Multilingual Support and timezone:

> From your Freshmarketer dashboard > Settings > Language and Time.

A drop-down option is displayed to select the desired language and timezone convenient to the users of the account.

> On selecting the language and timezone, click on 'save' for the changes to reflect the chosen language in your dashboard.

Account-level and User-level customization:


Only an administrator is given the power to change the language and the timezone for the whole account.


The function comes handy when there are multiple users of the same Freshmarketer account in different geographic locations.

This allows an agent to choose the language and timezone and not overriding the account-level settings.

Example: Here is a screenshot of the 'Settings' dashboard in French.

Note: Changes in timezone will not affect the scheduled reports. They will be sent based on the former configuration.