1) Ensure Freshmarketer JS Snippet is inserted on the page you are tracking. Check the following help docs to know how to insert Freshmarketer JS snippet into your website

2) If you are triggering our Freshmarketer JS code from Google Tag Manager(GTM), Then ensure Freshmarketer Code is getting triggered properly or not from GTM. 

3) Check for errors in your browser console. Right-click anywhere in the browser window and choose “Inspect” and then choose “console” tab in the dock. If you see any errors in red color then seek your web developers help in first place to make sure whether the error is related to your website end or Freshmarketer end. If it is from Freshmarketer side please drop an email to our support at support@freshmarketer.com with the screenshot of the console.

Heatmap Experiments:

1) If you are using a Regular expression(Regex) to track the heatmap then double check whether the given Regex pattern is correct or not. Heatmap will not track/load if the Regular expression(Regex) is incorrect. If you are not sure about your Regular expression(Regex) please contact your web developer or drop an email to our support at support@freshmarketer.com

2) If you are using substring pattern to track heatmap then make sure “/” is removed at the end of domain field. See the below screenshot for example.


        Zarget _ Conversion Rate Optimization Software - Google Chrome 2017-10-30 04.18.17.png

3) Make sure the page URL you are trying to view Heatmap is not added to Excluded URL list

4) Disable AdBlock plugins or any other popup plugins in your browsers and then clear the caches from your browsers and recheck 

(Open Browser menu to clear your cookies and caches. Keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) and Command+Shift+Delete (Mac))

5) If Agency Mode is enabled in your account then ensure the Heatmap domain is added to ORG domain list, You can add the same by navigating to “Manage Organization” tab from account settings and choose the ORG in which experiment is running and then add the domain name(refer screenshots below) 

If Agency mode is enabled, you can visit the experiment URL and then click on Freshmarketer plugin and then select your ORG and then click Add domain(refer screenshots below)

For eg: If the experiment is running for the URL https://www.abc.com/xxx  then your domain will be abc.com