In adherence to GDPR compliance, Freshmarketer provides an option to enable/disable

IP Anonymization at the user end to mask IP address of their visitors

IP anonymization can be enabled by navigating to => Project settings => IP Settings => Enable IP Anonymization

Once it is enabled Freshmarketer will anonymize IP address at the organization level

  • For IPv4 addresses, the last octet of the IP address will be changed to X. 

  • For IPv6 addresses, the last 80 bits of 128 bits are set as X  
  • Only after the anonymization of IP addresses, it will be stored on the server. 

  • Existing IP addresses stored in the database will not be anonymized since data is already collected

  • New IP addresses will be anonymized and stored. 

Points to Remember:

  • Freshmarketer can find the geolocation from the anonymized IP address

  • Freshmarketer can process the anonymized IP address and determine the geo-location from the masked IP address. 

  • IP addresses stored for the existing visitors will not be masked as it is already captured 

  • Anonymization of IP address will be applied only to the new visitors and returning visitors. 

  • If the relational operator is given as “Equals”- Exact IP address may not work if the visitor has returned with a different IP address. 

  • A notification message will be displayed requesting users to use “Contains” relational operator. 

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