How to Create Custom attributes

Login to your Freshmarketer account

Step 1:

Select your Profile name. Choose Project Settings. Click on Custom Attribute 

In Project settings, Navigate to Custom Attribute  and click on “Create a Custom Attribute”

Step 2: 

Now in the pop-up, enter your custom attribute name, attribute ID & short description.

  • Attribute Name: Any property or an attribute about your website visitor/customer Example: Pricing Plan or Number of Orders

  • Attribute ID: The numerical Id or a variable that will be added to the Freshmarketer’s JavaScript API key. Keep in mind that no special characters are allowed (except underscore). All the values for the mentioned attribute will be fetched from your website. Example: pricing_plan or no_of_orders. 

  • Description (optional): A description about the custom attribute for your reference.

After clicking on “Create” button a JavaScript API key will be generated.

You can access all the Custom Attributes you created by navigating to Profile name => Project settings => Custom attributes 

NOTE: You can create up to 10 custom attributes as of now. If you want to create more please contact us at

You will be able to copy the custom attribute specific JavaScript code by hovering over the text box. Also, you can Edit/Delete the custom attribute by selecting the hamburger icon displayed to the right of every attribute (refer the screenshot).

Segmentation Report:

You can use Custom attributes to segment the reports based on your requirement which will help you to get a clear insight into your visitors. All the custom attributes you have created will be listed under **segmentation** for you to apply. 

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