To install Freshmarketer JS snippet on all your pages using Google Tag Manager, follow the guide below.

As an initial step, copy the Freshmarketer JS snippet (Asynchronous) into your clipboard.


Go to Workspace and select New tag

Locating "New Tag"

Locating "New Tag"

Give “Freshmarketer Integration” as the Tag name and select the edit icon from the Tag Configuration section.

"Tag Configuration" Section



Click Custom HTML Tag in the Custom section.

Locating "Custom HTML"


Paste Freshmarketer Code and select All Pages from the Triggering section, to fire your tag.

As Google Tag Manager doesn’t support synchronous code execution, paste Freshmarketer’s asynchronous JS snippet.

Integrating Freshmarketer Snippet

Click Save button.


 Click Publish to see the changes on your site.

"Publish" in GTM

"Publish" in GTM

Freshmarketer code is now installed on your site. You may Verify your code installation before launching the experiment.

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