Measuring website traffic provides a valuable data and insight into the needs and behaviour of your users. Freshmarketer helps you optimize your website traffic at your choice.



This guide will show you about setting your website traffic to an experiment in Freshmarketer. Website traffic can be set before launching the experiment.

By default, traffic included in the experiment is set at 100%. We recommend you to use this setting unless you have a compelling reason to change. You could change the percentage(%) of traffic for this experiment using the slider to the required percentage(%).

Edit Traffic

Before launch - To allocate the amount of traffic for the experiment and its variations, Navigate to PreFlight tab and scroll down to Set Traffic option and use slider to set Traffic percentage for the experiment and at the bottom enter traffic percentage for Original and variations.

Traffic Allocation

Once allocated, click on Save button to save the changes. Now the traffic will be allocated as per your settings throughout the experiment.

We recommend maintaining equal distribution of traffic to all the variations (including original) so that the result is unbiased

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